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There are multiple therapeutic resources to reduce or avoid allogenic blood transfusion (other person’s blood). These options involve clinic strategies with medicine and/or specific equipment to treat the patient with anemia and/or blood coagulation disorder (for instance, low platelet). On the other hand, there are also surgical strategies with evidences to reduce blood loss by…

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014 Students of Integrated Care Multiprofessional Residency from Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul and health care professionals attended, on November 25th, the lecture: “Therapeutic options to blood transfusions: a worldwide necessity.” Video Interview with the lecturer Dr. Antonio Alceu dos Santos

Donated blood loses gases which transfer oxygen to the tissues. Heart attack and stroke incidences are higher in those who have received blood transfusion.. Ciência e Saúde/Sangue: 09/10/2007,,MUL146947-5603,00.html

Bloodless is a widely known term and commonly used to describe surgeries and other procedures performed without the use of homologous/allogeneic blood (someone else’s blood). For this purpose was designed the Web site for showing to both health professionals and the general population, the main therapeutic options and/or strategies for reducing or even avoiding…

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